Nokia’s wonder !!

Everyone might have heard of this phone launched by Nokia in the last year.Here are some of my views which may help you decide to buy this or not if you are hoping to have one..!

Every other website can give you the technical details about the phone half of which just bounce up our head, but none renders that info which actually everyone requires. Hopefully, this one will be quite helpful for you !

Inbuilt memory: 10 MB..not too much even to store two of your favourite songs incase you don’t have a memory card with yourself.

Don’t even think that you would just download a game or software with file extension .jar/.jad and then install it on your handset and enjoy the time playing it, coz the phone doesn’t support these features.

Though the size of the screen renders and enjoyable watch to any video or movie if you want to . But still it has some cons.

1) You cannot play a video of any format other than the .3gp format just meant for phones.

2)If you are watching a video of very high resolution then it would be your luck if you could watch it without any midway hangs.

If you are having a very important talk with some of your pals or buisness friends, then it can interrupt your fluency. It automatically restarts.

Hold it carefully. It’s not a kind of rough and tough use phone by Nokia. If you throw it once out of anger then who knows may be it was your last moment with the phone..

This was all i could tell you about the specifications, especially the cons (you can say) about Nokia C2-01/02


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